Video Game Reviews FAQ

We take video game reviews more seriously than the rest of our content because we don’t take the rest seriously. Our reviews aren’t for any other reason besides we enjoy creating and giving our take on video games.

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Who are the reviewers?
We currently have 2 reviewers, Russell Collom & Mitchell Booth.

How do you decide on what to review?
We are picking games we want and like to play, you’ll likely never see Russell review a MMORPG or FPS game as you’ll probably never see Mitch review a JRPG. We also both don’t play sport games often.

Generally, we discuss our thoughts on what games we enjoy.

Why are the review scores so high?
Our reviews will generally be higher scores since we decide what we play however that doesn’t stop them being disappointing, bad or boring. We just picked games we want to play.

What is our score system?

1 Unplayable
2 Awful
3 Bad
4 Mediocre!
5 Average
6 Good
7 Great
8 Excellent
9 Amazing
10 Masterpiece

If we give a game a 7, it’s not bad. It’s considered great even. 5 is average, which makes sense as it sits perfectly in the middle.

Why do we not use scores like IGN, so 7.5/10 for example?
The numbers are somewhat meaningless in general but the .whatever is, I feel, pointless as its just adds nothing relevant as just a weird calculation. Most of our scores are based more so on general vibes from our views as well as the review itself.

How much will you play a game before you review it?
If we review a game, we will play it to what we consider completion. That’s not to say we’ll 100% games but we’ll complete what we consider the main content. For instance, Russell completed every level and collected a heap of gems in Crash N. Sane Trilogy, Mitch finished Metroid: Samus Returns but didn’t collect everything (a large amount though). We also didn’t do a Destiny 2 review as the raid wouldn’t be apart and so it would’ve felt incomplete.

Do you take microtransactions into account in reviews?
Yes, and it can affect the score if they are a detriment to the product.

Many sites get “review codes’, does Optional Extra?

All games reviewed aren’t provided by anyone, we buy and play them like anyone else. We don’t get them early, we can’t keep up with the bigger review sites but we hope we provide honest and well-thought out reviews that you can trust from fans of games who love discussing, reviewing and of course, playing! (We are also too small)

We are a part of the contributor program of Open Critic too!

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